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10,000 Dead

Their Spirits are still haunting the Strand!


THE STRAND in Galveston has seen a horrifying number of sudden deaths.  An ungodly number of the islands dearly departed…well never departed.  Their spirits are lurking in the shadows, alleys, staircases and stalk THE STRAND every day!  The historic 19th century buildings on THE STRAND have become ghost sanctuaries. And the ghosts inside are just dying to meet you.


Join us on our ninety minute walking tour as we explore the gory, spooky and fascinating paranormal happenings on the strand...the original street of horror. Hurricanes, war, fire, and epidemics of diseases!  The notorious pirate Jean Lafitte even turned the island into a den of thieves. Galveston has more ghosts than any other city in America.


Walking in the night into history, translucent figures will float by the windows that bore witness to tragedy after tragedy. Shadows will suddenly appear and objects move of their own accord as we huddle closer to one another for are mutual protection. We never know what’s waiting for us around the corners. Beware and be scared! After all Galveston is nothing but “a cemetery with a beach attached.”

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“This tour was absolutely the highlight of our trip! Spooky, fun and informative. Highly recommended.” John our tour guide was an encyclopedia of knowledge. His ability to weave the history and paranormal activities of Galveston was amazing!"

“Took the ghost tour on The Strand several years ago. This tour was much more fun and interesting. Really well done. You won't be disappointed!"

“What else you do on the island don't miss this tour. The kids are still talking about it. Very cool."

“My family had to drag me but after the tour started I learned more about Galveston and it's other worldly guests than I have in twenty years of visiting the island. You definitely want to take this tour. You'll be amazed. Great job by our tour guide."

“I supervised my Girl Scout Troop on this incredible tour. We got scared, laughed and learned. We are already planning another visit next year. The girls agreed this was our best outing ever!"

“Simply was an amazing 90 minutes. Didn't want Al our tour guide to stop. Got some really interesting photos to boot!!"


Looking for something interesting and unique? Galveston Red Light District Tour is the most interesting tour in America!

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