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Have You Ever Looked Into the Haunted History of Galveston, Texas?

Many walk around the city of Galveston, blissfully unaware of the haunted history of this gorgeous city. However, when you look under the surface, there is a very long history of the city that leads into many of the well-known stories of the paranormal around the area. Let’s take a moment and dig into some of the events that led to where people regularly experience the paranormal around the city. What you learn from this bit of dark tourism could help you begin to look at this amazing island in a whole new light!


The Hurricane That Wiped Out the Area

Galveston is a Texas island that has always been known for its beauty. However, back in 1900, a hurricane wiped out nearly every recognizable part of the area. Most of Galveston was leveled, and tons of people died as the result of the storm and subsequent storm surge of more than eight feet of water. The best estimates say that upwards of 12,000 died as a result of that storm. This loss of life directly impacted the haunted tours we now take all around Galveston, Texas.

The Red-Light District of Galveston, Texas

Back in the early to mid-1900s, everyone was totally aware that the mob was in charge of this beautiful island. They made all of the rules that the people of Galveston followed, which is why Galveston was referred to by many as the original version of “Sin City” and as “Pleasure Island”. On this part of the island, the prostitution in Galveston was running rampant, and it was a very popular industry for over 70 years. There were dozens of houses with ladies of the night operating during that time, many of which still stand today. Learning about this once-thriving industry on the red-light tours of Galveston can give you a lot of insight as to the way of life back during this period of the United States.

You Will Learn a Lot About the History of Galveston on Our Ghost Tours

We have taken a lot of time to thoroughly research every part of each of our ghost tours to be sure that we give you the most authentic data available. We spoke to survivors of these events, talked to people who have also witnessed the paranormal in these areas, and learned as much as we can about the history of each location we visit. The more information we can gather, the more we can share with you during each part of the Galveston ghost tours we present.

Come join us here at Historic Galveston Ghost Tours today, and learn more about the intricacies of this amazing island in a way you never looked at it before. We offer a couple different types of dark tourism ghost tours. Walk with us and learn about places like the magnificent Sealy Mansion, ask about our dark tours when we pass the Normandy Inn, and come with us on one of our red-light district tours and hear about the ladies who struggled with violence, prevalent suicide, and non-stop struggles despite the promises of wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Contact us to schedule your tour today!

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